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Leftwich Law is a full service law firm that focuses primarily on Bankruptcy Law. We provide full attorney representation throughout the entire Bankruptcy process. Our firm prepares and files all of your documents with the Bankruptcy. We file electronically and don’t require your presence. You usually only need to attend one half-hour hearing after filing. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. In the event you don’t know which creditors you owe, don’t be concern. We can pull a special credit report automatically populating your missing account numbers and dollar amounts. Consequently, our clients value this personal service where they meet with an experience attorney. Not a paralegal or some other inexperienced legal assistant. Our clients benefit from the in-depth knowledge that only experience attorney provides. Furthermore, we provide a pelothora of bankruptcy related material of the whole Bankruptcy process.

You may want to purchase our book of commonly asked bankruptcy questions that includes, along with popular answers to most asked questions, a glossary of bankruptcy terms, etc. This glossary seeks to explain the legal terms free from legal jargon so that a non-attorney could easily understand. So go with an experience attorney who has completed thousands of successful bankruptcies. That way, you can be assured that your bankruptcy will be clearly explained and professionally executed. CALL US IMMEDIATELY at (602) 266-8080! We will meet or beat any Arizona attorney’s fee.

Let us help you to:

  • Keep your home, vehicles and retirement accounts
  • Stop foreclosures, repossessions and wage garnishments
  • Legally eliminate debt and stop creditor harassment NOW!
  • Emergency filings & Payment plans available upon request

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