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Whether you have suffered a job loss, illness, or disability, there are several reasons you, like many others, have come to a point where it becomes necessary to hire an attorney to file for bankruptcy. Many times the loss of a loved one can all result in devastating financial consequences and hardship, which may leave no other choice. No one suffering these consequences should have to have their misfortunes compounded by having to deal with abusive collection agencies, lawsuits, and wage garnishments alone. That is where we help!

Our first step in serving your bankruptcy needs will be to charge you a reasonable and affordable fee far below what many other bankruptcy attorneys will charge you. Why? Because we do not want my fee to serve as an impediment to you gaining prompt access to the Bankruptcy Court. We charge you a fair flat fee. Usually around $799.00.  Secondly, when you retain our services, you can immediately begin to regain some peace in your life knowing that we, not you, will deal with your creditors directly. You no longer need to avoid phone calls or worry about being humiliated by collection agencies.  Simply refer them to us. Finally, within a few months your bankruptcy discharge will be complete and you will be free to take advantage of the fresh start in life you are entitled to through either filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Leftwich Law has handled thousands of Bankruptcies for Arizona residents. We measure the law firm’s success by the success of our clients. Is there any other way? This dedication to our clients, our proven track record of success, and our guarantee to meet or beat any Attorney’s price in Arizona is your advantage. Call us today to give yourself a fresh start today. Call (602) 266-8080 and put our team of highly experienced legal advisors to work for you today! What are you waiting for call (602) 266-8080 now! You will be glad you did.
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